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Meeting usually consist of a talk, some social time during the interval with tea / coffee and biscuits, some practical activity or observing if possible, and ending with a review of what's on in the world of astronomy this month,

Details of the current season's programme of meetings are shown below.

Meetings start at 6.30 pm and talks start at 7.00 pm

Black Sky

2023 - 2024 season

9 September

Lunar Impact Flashes

14 October

Comet Chasing

11 November

The UK Space Science Programme

9 December

Christmas Social, Raffle, Quiz,

Seasonal Refreshments, and a practical

astrophotography activity

13 January

Moons of the Solar System

10 February

Exoplanets: What are Alien Worlds made


24 February

The Challenges Facing Astronauts

Physically and Medically on Long

Journeys. (ZOOM only)

9 March

How to Get Started in Astronomy

13 April

Practical presentation of telescope


11 May

Detecting Exoplanets: other worlds

beyond our Solar System

8 June

Photographing Galaxies:  My Learning


followed by AGM

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