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Starry Sky
Starry Sky

Committee Members


Bob Stuart

I have been interested in astronomy for many (many) years. Started off doing imaging on film with a SLR camera, and have evolved with the times into digital imaging. I image deep sky, planets and had a lot of success with high resolution lunar imaging with a 25cm Newtonian. I also like the processing aspects of digital imaging.

Events Secretary

Jane Clark

I am a retired physicist, whose two interests, science and photography, combine perfectly to make me an amateur astronomer.  As well as being a keen observer, I want to understand what I observe.  From 2007 to 2021, I worked out the orbits of Solar System planets and moons, from my own observations.  Mars was an especial challenge, as its orbit is quite non-circular.  I devised a mathematical method, based on classical celestial mechanics.  Now I am studying galaxies as well as mastering the tricky art of photographing them from my suburban back yard.  I frequently give talks to astronomy societies and to other groups as diverse as primary school children and church wives' groups.  I recently supported the National Eisteddfod, demonstrating science to children via the Welsh language.

Facebook Admin

Caroline Lacey

Interested in all aspects of astronomy and hoping to venture into astrophotography. Space is my happy place.  Also obsessed with the Northern Lights.


Ray Dent

Mature amateur, observer with telescope and binoculars. Generally interested in all things night sky, space exploration, planetary, cosmos and physics.


Carolyn Alexander

I’ve been interested in space since I was a young child and the more I’ve learnt, the more fascinated I’ve become. I combine my interests of astronomy and photography by doing astrophotography, using remote telescopes. My main astronomical interests are space exploration, The Moon, and Deep Sky Objects, such as nebulae and galaxies.  One of my bucket list goals is to see and photograph the Aurora Borealis.  

Committee Member

Rob Davies

I have had an interest in Astronomy since childhood, having lived since then under the dark skies of mid Wales. My earliest memories are sleeping out under the stars and ticking off all sections of the I Spy ‘Book of the Night Sky’. After years of watching the Sky at Night with Patrick Moore, I finally bought my first telescope in 2010. Since then I have grown my interest into many areas. I enjoy both visual and astrophotography. My interests are very varied from the moon and planets to deep sky objects such as double stars, variable stars and galaxies. I am truly a jack of all trades. In 2020 I finally built my own observatory, still an unfinished project. I also often attend star parties, astronomy lectures and Astro shows.

Admin Secretary

Sue Walker

I became a keen amateur astronomer as a teenager, doing mostly naked eye observations, or using small telescopes and binoculars;  but as the years have progressed I've become more academic in my interest, especially in all things cosmological.

Committee Member

Tony Cook

Mostly interested in the Moon: impact flashes, occultations and transient lunar phenomena, but also study the planets in the infrared. I have dabbled with detecting exoplanets from their faint dimming during transits across their stars, optical flash detection of the crab nebula pulsar, and have started experiments in optical SETI

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